It covers the damage caused by the design and quality of the product, as well as the product itself, but does not involve man-made or malicious damage.

Damage caused by not following the safe operation procedures, man-made damage, disassembly of the product by yourslef, etc.

If you are unclear about the warranty policy or need to confirm some details of it, you can contact our after-sales support center at

“Usually within 1-2 working days;
for a small number of complex after-sales problems, we may need to spend more time communicating with customers in order to confirm the root cause.”

It depends. If it needs to be sent back according to the judgment of our after-sales department, we will ask the customer to send it to our designated locations in various countries so the technical staff can deal with the defective products together.

We will provide our customers with longer after-sales service (except for man-made damage) according to specific situations, such as replacement of components, and will charge a certain amount of maintenance costs as appropriate.

1 year warranty. Based on the requirements of policies and regulations in different regions, we can also provide customers with personalized solutions to extend the warranty period.

Our products have undergone strict factory inspections and rarely encounter after-sales problems. This is one of the reasons why more and more customers choose to trust OLINK. In case of any product failure, please contact our after-sales department directly. We have a complete after-sales process and can provide customers with various after-sales methods such as replacing or repairing the faulty one to ensure that our customers will purchase our products without worries.

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