★The Olink Type 2, to Tesla J1772 Charging Adapter is an accessory for Tesla owners who want charging choices and the ability to use various charging stations. This adapter allows you to conveniently charge your Tesla Model 3 Y, S or X at Tesla charging stations such as EVgo and ChargePoint. It has been designed with precision to ensure a fit for your Teslas charging port providing an hassle free charging experience.

★Safety is our priority, which's why we have meticulously crafted the Olink adapter using high quality materials and subjected it to rigorous testing. It has received full safety certification. Meets the standards set by UL 2251 CSA C22.2 No. 282 17 FCC and CE. You can rest assured that your charging process is secure and reliable.

★Although this adapter has a rating of 60 Amps it can actually support up to 80 Amps. This means that when you connect it to a Level 2 AC charging station you can enjoy charging in a few hours. It is also compatible, with Level 1 charging stations adding convenience. With this adapter you have the flexibility to charge your Tesla wherever you may be.

★The Olink Type 2, to Tesla J1772 Charging Adapter is produced by a company called Huizhou OLINK Technology LLC. It weighs 8.4 ounces. Works with a voltage of 240 Volts (AC). The wattage of the adapter is 9.6. Its worth mentioning that it comes with a one year warranty ensuring its quality and durability, for your peace of mind.

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