★The CCS1, to GB/T Adapter is specifically designed to offer an effective charging solution for GB/T vehicles at CCS charging stations. It allows for high speed charging by delivering a current of 200ADC and supporting a voltage range of 150 1000VDC.

★To ensure durability and reliability during charging sessions this adapter comes with an IP55 enclosure rating making it resistant to conditions. It can function optimally within a temperature range of 22°F to 122°F ( 30°C to +50°C) which means it is suitable for use, in climates. Moreover its compact and lightweight design weighing 3.6kg makes it easy to handle and store.

★The CCS1, to GB/T Adapter has been designed with safety as a priority. Its main purpose is to establish a connection between the charging cable of a CCS charging station and a GB/T vehicle. By using this adapter you can easily charge your GB/T vehicle at any CCS charging station that supports DC charging. It is an accessory for GB/T vehicle owners who seek an smooth charging experience.

★Opt for the CCS1 to GB/T Adapter to access efficient charging for your GB/T vehicle, at CCS charging stations. Embrace the convenience and peace of mind that comes with safe charging performance.

Note: Please refer to the product specifications and your vehicle's compatibility to ensure the CCS1 to GB/T Adapter is suitable for your charging needs.

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