★The New Energy Electric Vehicle Charging Adapter, which is compatible, with Type 2 to GBT (IEC 62196 to GB/T) is an adaptable solution for charging your vehicle. It simplifies the process of connecting your vehicle to charging stations offering convenience and ease of use.

★Thanks to its design this adapter can be plugged in either way without worrying about identifying negative terminals. This remarkable feature guarantees an trouble free charging experience, on every occasion.

★Safety is given importance when it comes to this charging adapter. It meets the IEC 62196 standard assuring its compatibility and strict adherence, to safety protocols. The design of the pin head takes into account the safety insulation, which prevents contact with human hands and provides an additional layer of protection.

★This adapter is built to withstand the test of time thanks, to its performance. The housing material is constructed using flame retardant thermoplastic that has obtained a rating. The pins are skillfully crafted from copper alloy and silver plated to ensure conductivity and long term dependability.

★The GBT Charging Adapter, which is designed for Type 2 charging operates using a single phase system. It provides a rated working current of 32A. Is compatible, with a working voltage range of 240/415V. This adapter ensures dependable charging, for your vehicle.

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