How to use Fast Charge :

1.Plug in the Combo 1 end of the adapter to the charging cable

2.Plug in the Combo 2 end of the adapter to your EV’s charging socket

3.After the adapter has clicked – it is ready for the charge

After you you are done with the charging session, disconnect the vehicle side first and later the charging station side.

How to store:

It's crucial to take care of your adapter and keep it protected. Make sure to store it in a location, as moisture on the contacts could cause malfunctions. If your adapter gets wet place it in an dry spot, for 1 2 days. It's important to avoid leaving the adapter where it can be exposed to sunlight, wind, dust or rain. Accumulated dust and dirt may prevent the cable from charging. To ensure its longevity make sure not to twist or excessively bend the charging adapter when storing it. It's best to keep it in a storage bag.

If you have a vehicle, with the standard CCS Combo 2 inlet designed for DC fast charging and you plan to use DC fast chargers in the United States, Korea or Taiwan this adapter is perfect for you! This reliable adapter allows your CCS Combo 2 vehicle to charge at speed at all CCS Combo 1 quick charger stations. Specifically designed for DC charging purposes only it is rated for, up to 200 amps. It also features an compact design that is both practical and convenient!

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