Challenges Faced by OEM Supplier in NACS to CCS1 Adapter Production

Ford reportedly announced it would deliver NACS-CCS1 adapters to its electric car owners in May, but appears to have been hit with a 70% supplier defect rate

The adoption of electric vehicles has surged globally, leading to the establishment of various charging standards. The North American Charging Standard (NACS) and the Combined Charging System 1 (CCS1) are two prominent standards in the EV charging ecosystem. However, the incompatibility between these standards necessitates the production of adapters to enable seamless charging experiences for EV users.

Encountering a 70% defect rate from a supplier for NACS-CCS1 adapters would be a significant setback for Ford and its EV owners. It could lead to delays, damage to Ford’s reputation, and the need for better supplier management and quality assurance. However transparent communication with customers and a focus on long-term strategies are essential for mitigating the impact and regaining trust.Thus Ford must communicate openly with affected customers, providing updates on the situation, timelines for resolution, and any compensatory measures offered. Because transparent communication can help mitigate customer frustration and rebuild trust.FORD EV owners can not wait endless so they buy the adapter from A2Z

At present, only A2Zevse delivering NACS to CCS1 adapter with 100% working good

A2Z NACS to CCS1 typhoon adapter had been review by Tom Moloughney of Qmerit.

More and more OEMs are approaching A2Z for NACS to CCS1 adapters due to their reputation for quality and reliability.


The production of NACS to CCS1 adapters presents unique challenges for OEM suppliers, ranging from design complexity to quality control issues. However, by employing strategic interventions and leveraging collaborative partnerships, suppliers can overcome these challenges and deliver high-quality, reliable products that contribute to the advancement of EV charging infrastructure.

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